Welcome to Play Storming! Play is serious learning. Come Play Storm with us. Our interactive and FUN Playshops will help you unlock creativity, Improve communication, inspire collaboration, catalyze innovation and develop effective leadership skills!

Play Storming is a type of experiential learning, a proven methodology for teaching skills such as team building, sales, customer service, leadership and creativity. A five-step process, the approach begins with an experience designed to engage the learner in solving a problem, meeting a challenge, or simply participating in a fun experience.  When improvisation is used as an experiential learning technique, the experience is a game or other fun group activity.



“You learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a lifetime of conversation.” - Plato

Team Building and Development

Play Storm with your co-workers for an hour and you will discover better ways of communicating and collaborating. When you see everything as an offer and learn the power of Yes, And! … you make each other look good which makes everyone look good!


“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things. - Theodore Levitt

Creativity and Innovation

When we play, we solve problems by working together in the moment, adapting to our environment and situation.


Odds are, you are already an improv expert, and you don’t even know it. Transform the effectiveness of your teams!

Leadership Training

Sharpen your skills the way troupes do, and transform the effectiveness of your teams through the power of Play!


Enhance your organization’s results and enrich how people relate to each other with the results Play Storming will offer you: 
  • High-performing teams
  • More collaborative relationships
  • Greater creativity and innovation
  • Increased authenticity and presence
  • Adapting successfully in the moment
  • Responding confidently to whatever happens

Our Approach

Sharpen your skills the way troupes do, and transform the effectiveness of your teams

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Our Approach

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