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The Top 10 Elements of Applied Improvisation






A recently published Delphi Study reveals the Top 10 elements of Applied Improvisation. They are:
1) Making your partner look good

2) Yes… And

3) Atmosphere of play

4) Curious listening

5) Complete acceptance

6) Flexibility/Spontaneity

7) Focus on the here and now

8) Risk taking

9) Personal awareness/mindfulness

10) Balance of freedom and structure
What […]

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The Magic of Failure!

The Magic of Failure!

by Terrill Fischer

A while ago I was watching a magic lecture by a young up and coming mentalist named Peter Turner. He is taking the art of mentalism in new direction with his bold style. His presentation was about being bold and fearless in presenting magic. He talked a lot about building […]

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Four Steps To Employee Engagement in a Culture of Disengagement

We Live In A Culture Of Disengagement.

For all of our “smart phones”, FaceBook friends, Tweets, Instagram Posts, and status updates we have somehow become disconnected.

Witness the couple at the restaurant out on a dinner date as their stare at their iPhones, check in on FourSquare and post a picture of their meal for all […]

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Adapt or Die

Adaptability is a key Leadership skill
by Terrill Fischer
“Never underestimate the power of improvisation to turn an unpopular change into a winning strategy.” ~ Forbes
In the movie Moneyball, Brad Pitt’s character ‘Billy Beane’, the General Manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team is having a frank discussion with one of his scouts about the future […]

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Preparation is the Key to Improvisation!

“Preparation is key to improvisation! All your experiences, your education, the people you meet, find you In The Moment.”
In 1994 I went to an improv show and it changed my life. After 20 years of learning, performing and teaching I’ve come to realize that improvisation requires preparation. Often, when I tell someone I’m off […]

How to Deal with Customer Problems Before They Arise

by Terrill Fischer
“The customer’s perception is your reality.” ~ Kate Zabriskie
Customers come to us all the time with something they want or need. Trying to understand what they want and need isn’t as simple as it might appear. Customer service reps have to Actively Listen to obtain the necessary information and gain a […]

Improv as Customer Service

Improv as Customer Service
by Joyce Garrison

The core philosophy of Improv is Yes! And…

Yes! And… is a state of being where you, and your fellow players step onto the stage, with an agreement to be present, ready to play, and where there is no “wrong” answer. It’s unconditional acceptance of yourself and for your fellow […]

Three Rules of Improv that Can Improve Customer Service










How many times have you experienced dealing with a customer service representative and felt like they were  just telling you their script?

Since we work with tools of play, like improvisation techniques, we’ve found a strong connection with improv and customer service. Customer service reps are constantly handed situations where they have to go off […]

Four Steps to Agile Leadership

“Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react, and reinvent”~Bill Gates 

“The wise adapt themselves to circumstances as water molds itself to the pitcher,”  (Old Chinese proverb)
 “You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, […]

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Workplace Bullying

by Terrill Fisher – Co-Founder of Play Storming

Workplace bullying is a serious threat to morale and productivity of any organization. It involves threatening, humiliating and intimidating people at work. It creates work interference and sabotages important work projects. There is also lots of verbal abuse. I’ve experienced and seen it up close. […]

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