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Yes! And… means saying No

“Yes! And…”

Two words every improvisor strives to live by. Two words that represent one of the founding principles of improv. Two words that are given so much importance that they cannot be negotiated. We are trained to live, eat, breath and sleep “Yes!And…” We are told that saying  “No” is denying the gifts offered […]

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Four Principles Of Play That Can Transform Your Organization


“The heart of improvisation (play) is transformation” – Viola Spolin.

Play in organizations is only occasionally about toys, games, and funny hats. When improvisational play is embraced as an organizational mind-set, there is, quite literally, play in the system.

This kind of play is necessary in a culture that must respond to change or be able to shift rapidly […]

Creativity and Innovation through Play!

Creativity and Innovation through Play!

Innovation is a word that gets thrown around a lot in our corporate culture. The word innovation has become diluted in its meaning. Nowadays all it appears to stand for is an incremental influx of similar products or ideas. Today’s generation expect innovation to happen at their fingertips with little […]

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Creativity and Innovation Workshop December 12th 7:30pm @TechShop

Come join Play Storming at TechShop Round Rock for this fun and free workshop where, through the experience of improvisational play, we will focus on design thinking, creativity and innovation.
In this workshop, you will experience how “play” can lead to Inspiration, Innovation, Ideation and Creative Collaboration.

The workshop is free, space is limited. Sign up here!

In […]

Play is a Necessary Element for Transformation!

Play is a necessary element for transformation because when we play, we take risks and we try new things. When we were younger, risk taking seemed to come naturally and effortlessly. But not so much as adults it seems. Why? Fear of failure! The biggest deterrent to trying new things and taking risks is […]

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The Value of Play as a Business Tool.

What does improvisational play have to do with business?
The value of play as a business tool has been demonstrated and documented.

When organizations and individuals utilize the core principles, tenets and skills of play, all aspects of life will be dramatically improved. Successful factors include the following:
Comfort in Risk Taking
Refine Brainstorming Abilities
Dealing with Adversity
Teamwork / […]

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Seriously! A movie about Play!

Just watched the 4 min trailer about the upcoming documentary titled  “Seriously, A Movie about Play!” and I’m very excited. Take a minute (or 4!) to watch and hear about the importance of Play in our culture and to our our future.





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The Hierarchy of Play

When thinking about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs it occurred to me that Play is a serious theme. We NEED to Play! Do you think Maslow would mind if I renamed this “the hierarchy of play” ?


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Creating Something from Nothing: The Mission of Play in the Non-Profit Sector

When we play we improvise. Improv is all about creating something from nothing, on the fly, with limited resources — sound familiar? Sure, you have a strategy that guides your decision-making, but often, you need to invent a solution in less time than you’d like, with fewer resources at your disposal than you’d like. […]

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Want to see the world with a fresh set of eyes? Just Play!

Seeing the world with fresh eyes often mean a change of perspective.
Want to change your perspective? See the world with a fresh set of eyes? Access creativity, discovery and imagination? Just Play!

Chris Koeck, a former colleague from GSD&M, recently did a Ted talk titled “Seeing the world with a fresh set of eyes”. A […]