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Creativity and Innovation Workshop December 12th 7:30pm @TechShop

Come join Play Storming at TechShop Round Rock for this fun and free workshop where, through the experience of improvisational play, we will focus on design thinking, creativity and innovation.
In this workshop, you will experience how “play” can lead to Inspiration, Innovation, Ideation and Creative Collaboration.

The workshop is free, space is limited. Sign up here!

In […]

Are you too serious?

Are you too serious? Do you have any fun? Do you remember how to play?
I have a confession. I am a Recovering Serious Person. Somewhere between my childhood and becoming adult I got too serious. It was when I started taking improv classes 20 years ago I reconnected with the joy of play. What […]

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The Value of Play as a Business Tool.

What does improvisational play have to do with business?
The value of play as a business tool has been demonstrated and documented.

When organizations and individuals utilize the core principles, tenets and skills of play, all aspects of life will be dramatically improved. Successful factors include the following:
Comfort in Risk Taking
Refine Brainstorming Abilities
Dealing with Adversity
Teamwork / […]

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The Hierarchy of Play

When thinking about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs it occurred to me that Play is a serious theme. We NEED to Play! Do you think Maslow would mind if I renamed this “the hierarchy of play” ?


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Creating Something from Nothing: The Mission of Play in the Non-Profit Sector

When we play we improvise. Improv is all about creating something from nothing, on the fly, with limited resources — sound familiar? Sure, you have a strategy that guides your decision-making, but often, you need to invent a solution in less time than you’d like, with fewer resources at your disposal than you’d like. […]

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Want to see the world with a fresh set of eyes? Just Play!

Seeing the world with fresh eyes often mean a change of perspective.
Want to change your perspective? See the world with a fresh set of eyes? Access creativity, discovery and imagination? Just Play!

Chris Koeck, a former colleague from GSD&M, recently did a Ted talk titled “Seeing the world with a fresh set of eyes”. A […]

The Competitive Advantage of Play!



We are often lead to believe that play is without purpose; merely goofing off! Child’s play! Parents, of which I am one, often adopt the idea that kids should have plenty of unstructured play to balance out today’s plethora of organized and tech-based activities. It’s important for the heath and well […]

Improv – Not Just For Comedy Anymore

Katt Koppett Ted talk on Yes and…
Great discussion on “offers” and how improv relates in the corporate world. “We can only build if we accept”

Improv is not just for comedy. Improvisational play is serious business!