Improv as Customer Service

Improv as Customer Service
by Joyce Garrison

The core philosophy of Improv is Yes! And…

Yes! And… is a state of being where you, and your fellow players step onto the stage, with an agreement to be present, ready to play, and where there is no “wrong” answer. It’s unconditional acceptance of yourself and for your fellow […]

Yes! And… means saying No

“Yes! And…”

Two words every improvisor strives to live by. Two words that represent one of the founding principles of improv. Two words that are given so much importance that they cannot be negotiated. We are trained to live, eat, breath and sleep “Yes!And…” We are told that saying  “No” is denying the gifts offered […]

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4 People Who Should Take Improv Classes

4 People Who Should Take Improv Classes shared by Andy Crouch

Everyone should take an improv class. Everyone should take an improv class.

When I write “everyone” I mean “every person currently alive on the planet.” Improv should be incorporated into school kids’ daily routines. It should be offered four times per week at senior living centers. It […]

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