The Magic of Failure!

The Magic of Failure!

by Terrill Fischer

A while ago I was watching a magic lecture by a young up and coming mentalist named Peter Turner. He is taking the art of mentalism in new direction with his bold style. His presentation was about being bold and fearless in presenting magic. He talked a lot about building […]

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Adapt or Die

Adaptability is a key Leadership skill
by Terrill Fischer
“Never underestimate the power of improvisation to turn an unpopular change into a winning strategy.” ~ Forbes
In the movie Moneyball, Brad Pitt’s character ‘Billy Beane’, the General Manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team is having a frank discussion with one of his scouts about the future […]

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Play is a Necessary Element for Transformation!

Play is a necessary element for transformation because when we play, we take risks and we try new things. When we were younger, risk taking seemed to come naturally and effortlessly. But not so much as adults it seems. Why? Fear of failure! The biggest deterrent to trying new things and taking risks is […]

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