Team Building

Workplace Bullying

by Terrill Fisher – Co-Founder of Play Storming

Workplace bullying is a serious threat to morale and productivity of any organization. It involves threatening, humiliating and intimidating people at work. It creates work interference and sabotages important work projects. There is also lots of verbal abuse. I’ve experienced and seen it up close. […]

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Four Principles Of Play That Can Transform Your Organization


“The heart of improvisation (play) is transformation” – Viola Spolin.

Play in organizations is only occasionally about toys, games, and funny hats. When improvisational play is embraced as an organizational mind-set, there is, quite literally, play in the system.

This kind of play is necessary in a culture that must respond to change or be able to shift rapidly […]

The Competitive Advantage of Play!



We are often lead to believe that play is without purpose; merely goofing off! Child’s play! Parents, of which I am one, often adopt the idea that kids should have plenty of unstructured play to balance out today’s plethora of organized and tech-based activities. It’s important for the heath and well […]

The Importance of Team Building

Wanted to share this article from TSAE. Notice the value of “play” as organizations look to develop stronger relationships and team work with their associates.


May 22, 2013
By Beth Brooks, CAE

“Staff team building.” And no, I am not talking about trust exercises and Myers Briggs training (although I still like those, […]

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Ten reasons to Play in 2014!

10 Reasons to Play More!

Why is it that our culture most often associates play with childhood? How did we lose that desire for exploration, discovery and risk taking? Play is not meant to be just for children. It is a form of release and connection that can tap into creativity and can allow you […]

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