Want to see the world with a fresh set of eyes? Just Play!

Seeing the world with fresh eyes often mean a change of perspective.
Want to change your perspective? See the world with a fresh set of eyes? Access creativity, discovery and imagination? Just Play!

Chris Koeck, a former colleague from GSD&M, recently did a Ted talk titled “Seeing the world with a fresh set of eyes”. A […]

Improv – Not Just For Comedy Anymore

Katt Koppett Ted talk on Yes and…
Great discussion on “offers” and how improv relates in the corporate world. “We can only build if we accept”

Improv is not just for comedy. Improvisational play is serious business!

Some Useful and Fun Teambuilding Activites (click on image)

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The Thomas George!

I spent almost 6 years performing with ComedySportz in Richmond, Virginia in the 90’s. This was at the beginning stages of my improv journey, but the experience that impacted me most deeply. CSz, as we call it, was a huge part of my life and many of my fellow improvisers served as a defacto […]

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Have a Laugh and Save the World!

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Music, Optimism and the Power of Play

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Happiness. Play and Be Happy!

Happiness has been described as an illusion, a warm bath, a bowl of cherries, and many other things by many people throughout time. It is not an abstract concept but there are many descriptions which make the feeling of happiness an individual experience. Since the concepts of happiness are reliant upon the mindsets and […]

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3 ways improv training can improve customer service


Great article on using improv to improve customer service!

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The Future of Work is Play

The CEO of Undercurrent and author of ‘Game Frame’ talks about how to make life more interesting and engaging through the use of game mechanics.

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Play is more than fun!

[ted id=483]

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