Play Storming Uses Improv in the Classroom to Teach Skills and Boost Learning!Improv in the classroom is an ideal pedagogical strategy for teaching and learning because it has both inherent structure and flexibility. The inherent structure stems from the rules of each game and the process of problem solving that players must apply to achieve a satisfying experience in playing the game. Flexibility stems from simplicity; no props, scenery, costumes or lighting are required. Every thing the student needs is right there in there imagination. There is no limit to what the imagination can conjure into being; yet the form requires specificity, clarity and logic.

Students learn best when they are engaged, thinking critically, solving problems, have choices to consider, and are making decisions.

The current generation of students  have certain characteristics that are consistent with the use of improvisation as a teaching tool*:

  • They learn by inductive discovery—that is, by doing rather than being told what to do. They are experiential, hands-on, engaged, constantly connected with first-person learning, games, simulations, and role playing. They are a participatory culture; they are not spectators
  • They are intuitive visual communicators. They are visually literate, comfortable in an image-rich rather than a text-only environment, and able to weave together images, text, and sound easily and to move between the real and the virtual instantaneously
  • They crave social face-to face interaction. They gravitate toward activities that promote and reinforce conversation, collaboration, and teamwork
  • They are emotionally open. They like to express their feelings, meet new people, and experience different cultures; they are open to diversity, differences, and sharing personal information with others, whether online in Facebook, MySpace, Twitter,, blogs, or other social media, or in class.
  • They respond quickly and expect rapid responses in return. They multitask, moving quickly from one activity or medium to another.
  • They shift attention rapidly from one task to another. They have extremely short attention spans, thrive on immediate gratification, and are accustomed to the rapid, multitasking, random access, graphics-first, active, connected, fun, fantasy, quick pay-off world of video games.*Improvisation as a Teaching Tool – Ronald A. Berk The Johns Hopkins University

Team experiences such as improvisation provide these students with the active, participatory, visual, collaborative, fast moving, quick thinking, rapid responding, emotionally freeing, spontaneous, combustible vehicle they so badly desire. As a teaching tool, improvisation is a natural fit for these students.

What are the benefits?

In summary, the personal development benefits of improv are huge, including greater confidence, creativity, teamwork, increased empathy, self awareness and emotional intelligence.

Class Topics

The following are the core courses we offer, but our class structures are as flexible as the art of improv itself. If you have a specific topic or learning outcome, drop us an email and we will call you back to discuss a curriculum that meets your school’s needs.

The of mission of Play Storming’s Educational Workshops  is to encourage and nurture our students’ innate curiosity, creativity, and ability to make connections with others. Our professionally-trained instructors create a fun and supportive environment within which students can explore, develop, and succeed. Students learn improvisation skills that provide life-long tools they can use every day. We teach students to have confidence in their own point of view, accept “mistakes” as gifts, become inspired team players, and communicate their ideas more effectively. 

Participants will experience a series of games and exercises to unlock their imagination and creativity.  The objectives of this student workshop are to:

  • Break habitual patterns of thinking, being and doing
  • Enable more risk taking and spontaneous behavior
  • Foster experimentation without fear of failure
  • Co-creation and supporting eachother’s ideas
  • Enhances the skill of supporting; giving and receiving
  • Focus on simply creating ideas without having to immediately judge them
  • Build on ideas



Improvisation works in the Classroom because a meaningful study of Improvisation requires:

  • Collaboration
  • Content Knowledge
  • Social Interaction
  • Discipline
  • Practice
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Analytical Thinking Skills
  • Intuitive Thinking Skills
  • Creative Thinking Skills

Our Student workshops use “Play” as a conduit for learning. The essential developments of Play are:

  • Being voluntary, enjoyable, purposeful and spontaneous
  • Expanding creativity by using problem-solving skills, language skills, social skills, and physically skills
  • Helping to expand on new ideas
  • Supporting the child in adapting socially
  • Serving to thwart emotional problems

Tech Ranch Cospace - Great for small group Play Storming!

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A focus on the basics of improvisation. Working on central principles such as making your partner look good, as well as ‘Yes, and’ – agreeing with and building on ideas, we impart both the giddy excitement and deep satisfaction of making it up as you go along. Guiding students from the very basics through to performance ready games and scenes, this class is accessible, friendly and requires no previous experience of any kind.
Ideal either for younger students or to encourage cooperation between year groups, this class uses the principles and exercises of improvisation to build student confidence, creativity and teamwork. With simple exercises, even the shyest of students will open up, communicate better and gain confidence.
A longer introductory session which can lead to a mini-show in front of other classes or parents, this class focuses on team-based competitive improvisation. Students will master a selection of simple games and structures that guarantee comedy. Originally based on Comedy Sportz, this format is popular worldwide and huge amounts of fun. Our experienced workshop leaders create a supportive, constructive atmosphere that guarantees joy and laughter. Perfect for an arts day activity but can be conducted across several sessions.