Build Strong Teams!

In business, we are required interact effectively across diverse groups in multiple situations. Whether you are a team of two, a distributed team or a cross-functional team, understanding how to interact with your internal and external team is vital to your team’s success. This requires self-awareness, understanding the abilities of your team and how to create a safe place where every voice is heard. When all these things align it will allow for bold ideas to emerge.

Team Building Activities

Play Storming develops highly interactive team building activities, custom designed to meet your goals AND reflect the culture of your organization.

Play Storming offers half-day and full-day workshops. On-site or off-site, anywhere in the country, we can come to you! We can even help you find a venue!

Contact us today to discuss designing a Team Building Workshop for your organization.

Through our experiential approach, participants should be able to use the improvisational skills learned to do the following:

  • Building ownership through inclusion.
  • Gaining self-awareness and awareness of others.
  • Learning when to let go of agendas.
  • Creating a trusting environment.
  • Employ creative problem solving and innovation to achieve team goals.
  • Enhance their ability to think and solve problems quickly, creatively, and positively in support of team effectiveness.

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“In a short time Play Storming was able to help us understand our various individual strengths as well as develop a unified vision of what we hope to achieve in the coming year. I highly recommend Play Storming for any organization looking for a fun yet productive way to get their team together and on the same page”

“Play Storming was such a fun experience! I walked away feeling confident about collaborating with others and to trust myself more with my choices, ideas, and abilities. The environment that Shawn and Terrill provide is safe, fun, and exciting coupled with lessons that leave you feeling eager to incorporate these as best practices in every day life. It’s an energizing experience to be thrown into so many surprise situations and walk away feeling successful! The group that joined us is still talking about it to this day and can’t wait to participate again!”

“Play Storming recently came in to do a session with my newly established business team. We had a very fun time and learned many valuable concepts that apply in the real world as well. I highly recommend utilizing Play Storming’s services to improve communication and creativity within your team.”
Israel G., VP at BB&T

“Play Storming’s intuitive and compassionate approach to training helped clients  move through their fears to a place where they felt safe to change and be changed.”

“I was pleased to enlist Play Storming’s help with our most recent workshop series for students involved in the DI creative problem solving program. We have asked other training professionals to help us in the past four years, but none of them has been more successful with our kids in a short period of time than Play Storming was.”

“I went there feeling resentful about having to attend an employee workshop. I was pleasantly surprised by the fun and usefulness of it almost immediately.”
Workshop Participant, The City of Round Rock

“Play Storming Productions provided a team building workshop for members of the public services staff at the Round Rock Public Library. This was a great opportunity for the team to get to know each other and open lines of communication. This group is usually very quiet and reserved, but Shawn and Terrill  were able to get them to open up and feel more comfortable around each other. Shawn’s and Terrill’s positive energy and confidence is contagious. By the end of the workshop, the staff expressed how much more positive and confident they felt and how this would help them be more effective at work.”