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A recently published Delphi Study reveals the Top 10 elements of Applied Improvisation. They are:

1) Making your partner look good

2) Yes… And

3) Atmosphere of play

4) Curious listening

5) Complete acceptance

6) Flexibility/Spontaneity

7) Focus on the here and now

8) Risk taking

9) Personal awareness/mindfulness

10) Balance of freedom and structure

What is a Delphi Study you ask?

A Delphi study is a research method aimed at generating consensus or shared meaning from a group of
experts about a particular topic. In a Delphi study the opinions of the experts are sought through multiple
rounds of questions, with each round becoming more and more specific. Round one assess the general
(broad stroke) understand of a given concept. Subsequent rounds are developed inductively based on the
analysis of the responses from participants. Each round of questions works to further refine shared
opinions and decrease divergent views.

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