by Terrill Fisher – Co-Founder of Play Storming

Workplace bullying is a serious threat to morale and productivity of any organization. It involves threatening, humiliating and intimidating people at work. It creates work interference and sabotages important work projects. There is also lots of verbal abuse. I’ve experienced and seen it up close. It’s awful. Read the latest stats on it here.

So how we can deal with it in a positive manner? We need to stand up for ourselves. Be specific in identifying the behavior you are observing.
  • Document it. I know a guy who used his iPhone to video a manager bullying some employees.
  •  Tell the bully how his behavior is affecting the work. I’ve had to tell a bully at work that he was interfering with my productivity to our goals.
  • Communicate with the bully that you won’t tolerate specific behavior from them and hold firm in your stance on it.  If it happens make sure to call it right away. You may even have to tell management or HR about it. Have the documentation to prove it as well.

Having a sense of humor can help diffuse a bully too. Be careful with how you use it. I’ve found that smiling at a bully while staying firm on your boundary with them works.

There was a story about a police officer who had to deal with a domestic disturbance. When he arrived at the house a TV was throw out the window. He knocked on the door and they screamed “who are you?” He said, “I’m the TV repair guy.” They laughed and let him in and the situation calmed down.

I know it can a scary proposition to deal with a bully and you’ll need to call on our courage to deal with it. We want to help you deal with it in a PROACTIVE way that creates peace. We are working on positive ways to deal with bullies in both the schools and workplace. Let us help you when you need it.